The Schuyler Warrior The Home of Schuyler Central High School News Mon, 03 Feb 2020 21:21:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 SCS Purchases Nursing Home Mon, 03 Feb 2020 21:20:13 +0000 The Schuyler Community Schools has purchased a former nursing home on Colfax Street and has potential plans for the building. The building was originally the Schuyler Care and Rehabilitation. The property itself was purchased for seven hundred thousand dollars in December. The assessed value was $1,200,000. The SCS Board of Education approved the purchase in a meeting on December 19, 2019.

Nursing Home hall waiting to become the new addition to SCS.

According to a Columbus Telegram article, SCS Superintendent Dr. Dan Hoesing stated that, “The building purchases could be a way for the District to provide extra space for its existing programmings like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.” Some District staff and the Tech Department also plan to move to the new location. The SCS Dual Language school and the Alternative school will be considered for moving to the new building because of their lack of space. An early childhood initiative is also being discussed.

Dr. Hoesing and the members of the School Board will identify what will be the priority as the transition process. With the extra space, SCS is looking forward to getting into the new building. “I think it’s a pretty exciting time for the community and for the schools’ Districts” stated Dr. Hoesing.

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FFA Pancake Feed Commercial Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:54:14 +0000 0 Speech Team Aims for State Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:01:03 +0000 Speech is an extracurricular activity that allows high school students have the opportunity to improve public speaking skills, confidence, individualism, self discovery, and building friendships. The Speech events can be divided into many categories such as; Humorous, Poetry, Serious, Persuasive, OIDs, Duets, Entertainment, Extemp, and Informative. Melanie Gustafson is the Head Speech Coach and 12th English teacher. The assistant Speech Coaches are; Jason Trautman, Aimee Sigler, and Hope Peterson. The main goal for the upcoming speech season is to improve individually and as a team. Last year there were seven Schuyler Central High School students who qualified for State and we were District Runners Up.

Before Coach Gustafson started to coach in Schuyler, she coached in Leigh, Nebraska for three years. Coach Gustafson believes the end goal for the speech team is to have State Qualifiers. “We are strongest in Persuasive Speaking as we have two returning speakers in the event, including a State Qualifier in Tasha Macholan. We also have two returning Poetry speakers, including District medalist Katelynn Stodieck, and State Qualifier Ashley Hernandez,” stated Coach Gustafson. Unfortunately, the speech team lost seven strong students who graduated. “Although, the speech team is based on a young team, success comes to those who put in the hard work, and we have some very dedicated team members,” acknowledged Coach Gustafson.

Photo Credits: Yearbook Staff
The OID:Brenda Lara-Romo (left), Colin Gibbons (middle), and Carly Johnson (right) prepare for Logan View Meet.


Coach Trautman is a 7th grade English teacher and Middle School Wrestling Coach. Coach Trautman has been as an assistant speech coach for three years at SCHS. In Coach Trautman’s opinion, he believes the toughest competitions are at York, Lakeview, and Aurora. Coach Trautman believes the biggest challenges of the speech team are time and work ethic.

“If a competitor wants to truly do well, they will need to put in the time and effort outside of scheduled practice time,” Coach Trautman proclaimed. Coach Trautman is looking forward to improve the placings throughout the season. “Despite the toughest competitions, I believe If we truly work hard, I think we change our top fifth speech team to third and increase the average number of Speech State Qualifiers,” Coach Trautman acknowledged.

Ashley Hernandez, a senior and 2019 Speech State Qualifier in Poetry, enjoys supporting the speech team, especially when they are presenting. “Humorous is always brightens my mood, and some Duets have chemistry that makes it hard to look away,” Hernandez declares. Hernandez assures “once we put hard work in the speeches, we will bond and be a very competitive speech team”.

The reason why Hernandez chose to participate in Speech is because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone. “A teacher recommended me and said that I had a knack for speeches,” Hernandez acknowledged. In 2020 speech season, she is looking forward to offer her strengths and engaging the audience in a poetry event.

Jessica Sorsen, a senior, feels very anxious, confident, and excited for this upcoming speech season. Her favorite speech events to watch are OIDs and duets. “I love the speech atmosphere,” Sorsen acquiesced. As a freshman, Sorsen enjoyed One Act Play Production and that led her into trying out for speech. Sorsen views the whole speech team as a giant family.

Photo Credits: Coach Gustafson
Miguel Cruz delivers his persuasive speech about the dangers of social media.

“I am quite responsible as the only experienced exempt speaker and able to help others on my team by bringing things to speech meets that they may have forgotten,” pointed out Sorsen. Throughout the speech season, Soren’s parents help motivate her to perform her best in every possible way. She offers her character development and strongly written speeches for the speech team.

Overall, there are six males and 16 females. These are the following events of the speech team : Duets: Miguel Cruz (11) and Briana Barrios (11); Piper Lefdal (9) and Benjamin Lefdal (9); Brienna Romero (10) and Janey Parra(10). Persuasive: Natasha Macholan (12), Brienna Romero (10), and Miguel Cruz (11). Entertainment: Jenna Jedlicka (10), and Briana Barrios (11). Extemp: Jessica Sorsen (12), Vivi Sayer (9), Carly Johnson (11), and Piper Lefdal (9). Poetry: Ashley Hernandez (12), Katelynn Stodieck (12), and Delvan Del-Cid (12). Informative: Vivi Sayer (9), Colin Gibbons (9), Maria Mendez (11), and Jacqueline Lopez (11). Serious: Brenda Lara-Romo (11), Maria Mendez (11) and Jessica Sorsen (12). Humorous: Josue Fuentes (9). OIDs: Carly Johnson (11), Colin Gibbons (9), and Brenda Lara-Romo (11). Another OID: Josue Fuentes (9), Katelynn Stodieck (12), Lucy Mendez (9), Jacqueline Lopez (11), and Tamara Witzel (12).

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Living in a Different Country Fri, 31 Jan 2020 15:27:01 +0000 Within my 4 years of living in the United State of America, I have learned a lot. I remember when I was in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I used to take the English class, because we were obligated to take it, but I never liked it. I felt like it was a waste of time, and because of that I never understood what my teacher was teaching us. Now that I’m here in the U.S.A., literally nobody has to tell me to learn English, because I have too. If not, living here without knowing English would have been stressful. I only knew how to speak two languages when I first came here and it was French and Lingala. 

Many people ask me how do I know how to speak French and some people think that I’m from France because it’s where French is spoken. Most of the schools in Congo teach French, just like the school I attended. We spoke French because Congo was colonized by Belgians in 1867. But beside that, Congo has 4 languages and more than 200 dialects. 

My first year in 7th grade was really tough, because it’s a completely different country and almost everything is different from my country. All I knew in English were the greetings, and the name of the colors. I remember one student, who is my friend now, tried to talk to me but I rejected her because I couldn’t understand anything. I was Google translating almost everything we were doing in class and the person who really helped me during my two years in middle school was Mrs. Evelyn Recinos. Mrs. Evelyn is a really nice teacher. For my first year, almost everything was difficult for me, especially switching classes. I was confused for a whole week, because in Congo students don’t switch classes. Switching classes is the teacher’s job.

In Congo, students were required to dress up in uniforms. If you don’t have your uniform on, you won’t even go through the main door because they had guards. Students were also required to braid their hair in a style the school approved. No jewelry was allowed and students had to leave phones at home otherwise they would take it from you and give it back at the end of the school year. But here, it is the opposite. It was hard for me to eat American food for a few weeks and then I got used to it.  Now as a junior, even though I don’t fully speak English, I can understand, communicate, and write. I will continue to learn and work hard. When I graduate, I want to go to college and study to become a nurse in Omaha.

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SCHS Cheerleaders Spotlight Wed, 29 Jan 2020 19:19:52 +0000 0 Construction Project Moves Forward Fri, 24 Jan 2020 19:51:43 +0000 Schuyler’s population continues to increase. One of the reasons why Schuyler Central High School students and the community need a larger educational facility, is that in the last five years, the enrollment of SCHS has increased from 450 to almost 600 students and the increase is predicted to continue. 

According to Dr. Dan Hoesing, Schuyler Community Schools Superintendent, one million dollars has already been spent on the construction project. The construction workers have faced challenges such as when the high school’s pipelines and city’s pipelines needed to be connected, a complication had occurred with the flooding incident in March 2019 which affected the underground process. “Weather is always subject to delaying or changing of priorities,” Dr. Hoesing acknowledged. Dr. Hoesing believes that if a portion of the construction project is stopped, the construction workers simply focus on another portion of the construction project.

An outer look of the construction project.

All the sub utilities, structures, and footings or foundation of the construction project are completed. Precast concrete was completed on January 18th. After the building’s walls are completed, the construction workers can begin to work on the inside of the construction project. Also, the construction workers are completing the south driveway and main parking lot presently. According to Dr. Hoesing, there are few changes addressed to the performing arts remodel. Currently, the seating arrangement is being reevaluated.

 The deadline for these requirements such as remodeled restrooms, classroom doors, and new cafeteria will be completed by August 1, 2020. When school begins in August 2020, at the west side of the school there will be the new entrance. There will be an estimate of 230 parking spots in the new parking lot. Dr. Hoesing believes the gymnasium, locker rooms, and wrestling rooms will be completed in October 2020. Dr. Hoesing stated that the theatre is scheduled to be completed before the end of the first semester. 


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SCHS Hidden Talents Fri, 24 Jan 2020 17:05:14 +0000 0 Nebraska Legislature to debate school safety Thu, 16 Jan 2020 21:09:58 +0000 There have been several terrible events in 2019 that had a major impact. Anything can happen, from a natural disaster, explosion, knifing and shooting. There was recently a gas leak in downtown Schuyler. Thanks to Schuyler Community Schools for sending an email/text to students, staff, and parents were warned. Our local police department also helped by clearing everyone out of downtown. In 2019 in just 46 weeks there have been 45 school shootings in the United States. In total there have been four hundred and thirty-four mass shootings in 2019.

 Although schools already have a plan in case of an intruder, the problem is getting worse. SCS already has a plan in the event of a shooter and the police department is very close to the schools unlike other schools in Nebraska that don’t have a police station nearby.

 Recently the Laurens County Schools District in Georgia, according to AJC news “finds itself on the vanguard of a new school safety model.” Because of its remote rural location, Laurens County has become the first school district in Georgia to issue guns to their teachers to protect students and themselves in the event of a shooting. The staff approved to carry a weapon underwent extensive evaluation and training before they were allowed to carry.

The Nebraska legislature and Senator Steve Halloran are trying to pass a bill that allows school boards to choose to let their teachers carry concealed firearms on the school campus. According to, “Halloran’s bill would let school boards vote if they would want volunteers to conceal carry firearms on campus. Staff would have to have a permit through the State and be vetted by the board”. It has been a problem and people are working to find a solution. They have such an issue that they consider having weapons on school property.

According to, Senator Halloran said “not every school will want to take part. But he wants the rural schools to have the option since they are farther away from law enforcement”. The bill was stopped in the Judiciary Committee last session. Halloran said some of the other senators didn’t believe there was a need for such a bill. but he hopes it can move to the floor for debate.” The government and state are trying to find a solution to this problem.

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New face in the P.E. Dept. Wed, 15 Jan 2020 21:12:53 +0000 A new Schuyler Central High School Physical Education teacher started teaching on Monday, January 6, 2020. Ms. Grace Scheil replaced Jennifer Svoboda who had left to accept a position at Stanford University. “My first day was great as soon as I met my students I knew that this was going to be a fun first semester of teaching and an awesome way for me to dip my toes into the real world,” Ms. Scheil said. Besides P.E., Ms. Scheil teaches health and this is her first year as a teacher.  

As for her educational background, Ms. Scheil graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney during the Fall semester of 2019. Ms. Scheil was a student-teacher at Adams Central High School in Hastings, NE and she graduated from Estes Park High School in Colorado. Ms. Scheil studied K-12 Health and P.E. The reason why Ms. Scheil chose to work at SCHS is because it was her first job opportunity and she was also excited for a position that included coaching volleyball.

Photo Credit: Roselyn Calderon
Ms. Grace Scheil is demonstrating how to stretch.

Something that Ms. Scheil likes about P.E. is being active. “The class gives students an opportunity to get up and active rather than sitting at a desk all day,” remarked Ms. Scheil. Something that most people don’t know about Ms. Scheil is that she played volleyball at U.N.K for 4 years.

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Team Unifies to Play as One Mon, 06 Jan 2020 22:15:47 +0000 Girls Basketball has been going through some ups and downs this season. Fortunately, the players have known exactly how to come back stronger and better. This year, SCHS Girls Basketball had a total of 25 girls join the basketball team. Even though the final score of some of the games has not been the best, the girls have become united and developed a “family” that helps one another to improve. “One of the strengths of our team has been our team unity throughout games. On the other hand, a weakness that we’ve had this season has been the lack of varsity playing time.” Coach Daniel Wolken, High School Social Studies teacher, mentioned. The Girls Basketball assistant coaches this season are Ashley Faltin and Abby Kruger. The overall goal this year for the girls is not to focus on going all the way to State, but instead they want to be able to concentrate on being competitive every game. 

One of the players who has improved drastically since her middle school years is sophomore, Judith Vasquez. She has been playing basketball for about seven years in total. “One of my favorite parts about girls basketball has been going to the games and messing around with my friends. I think that the season is going pretty well we just have to work harder,” Judith stated. She is also one of the starters this year playing for both varsity and junior varsity. Everyone in the team has been putting a lot of effort into practice and games. “I think that returning varsity players: Jakelin Mejia, Crystal Carrillo, Alejandra Castro, and Jocelyn Tena, have been incredibly supportive and are acting as role models for the younger girls who are new to the sport,” Coach Daniel Wolken explained.

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